Enemies & Neutral NPCs

Date : April 23, 2018

The “Rammer” airplane went through an additional concept phase because we were not entirely happy with it. The original concept is the one on the right (preview render). The one we went with is the one on the left (preview render). It has a front which is more pronounced, especially if seen from above.

I started working on the enemy (pirate) airplanes at that point. They’d have scrappier airplanes, more like welded together. The smaller ones are “Scouts” and the bigger one is a “Fighter”. If I could do these again I’d change the position of the wings on one of the scouts so that they’re easier to discern when seen from above & from some distance. While their chassis are quite different the Z position of the wings is probably the one who makes the biggest difference in silhouette.

These here are another NPC faction; the fishers that come from the same city as the player. The inspiration for these concepts were pick up trucks.