AIRHEART: Wealthy Airplane

Date : April 15, 2018

This week we released Airheart for the Xbox One, so I guess sharing a green airplane fits the occasion?

We needed one airplane which showed that you’re filthy rich, basically an indicator that you either killed a lot of fish (you bastard!) or that you shot down a lot of enemies (or both).

The “Wealthy” design was inspired by expensive sport boats, it should look crazy fast and technologically advanced. I like how the contour lines on the sides accent that “built for speed” design – in reality these wouldn’t serve any purpose, but then again – this thing would not fly if built in the real world ;).

Concepted & modeled in MODO and colored & materialized in Substance Painter. Color concept by Jeremy Spillmann.


(for PC&Mac, PS4, Xbox One & Switch)

Blindflug Studios: