AIRHEART: Turret Airplane

Date : April 14, 2018

In Airheart, airplanes never land on water. Didn‘t stop me making a design which was inspired by seaplanes!

The „Turret“ is half boat, half airplane. Thinking about it, it‘s kind of stupid that these pictures don‘t show it from the side, because that‘s where you really see the boat part.

I don‘t think it would be possible to steer this thing, because it only has 6 very tiny rudders on the sides. Guess it‘s good that I‘m designing vehicles for games and not for real life. ^^‘

Concepted & modeled in @thefoundryteam MODO and colored & materialized in @allegorithmic Substance Painter. Color concept by Jeremy Spillmann.

(for PC&Mac, PS4, Xbox One & Switch)

Blindflug Studios: