Finally able to share some information about Stellar Commanders, the newest game from Blindflug Studios – an Apple Arcade launch title!

You can download it here:

We started working on this about one year ago. This render is right from when I started on a visual prototype, the first couple of units I designed. As they were just a starting point – a “getting into the mood”, there’s not much about them. None of them made it into the final game, some not even into the initial concept. But it was a starting point.

After the initial objects I went over most of them and made a more polished version. I tried to get them some variety; on the one side the more clunkier ones, and on the other side the more technological advanced ones. These units were then used for the initial visual concepts. Next up, creating the initial globe – which started with some doodles on hexagonal tiles.

Well you wouldn’t want to play this game on a plane, you want to play it on a globe, right? Since we were thinking about using something like hexagonal tiles, I set up a little globe with hexagons. Not very spectacular. But this is how the creation of a world begins, ask Slartibartfast!

From this I quickly developed a globe with more defined borders. It should be more earth like, while still keeping the basic hexagon setup which was needed by the gameplay.

At this point I put the globe and the units into Unity to do a first in-engine test. Look at these amazing rocket models :O –>